8-9 May 2017

The two-day international conference with the aid of Devolved  Researchers’ Fund will explore topics concerning children’s development  in a range of disciplines. This conference will be the first of its kind  in Edinburgh that seeks to create an interdisciplinary platform for  researchers who work for and with children in different aspects of  history, theory and practice.This conference is an attempt to bring researchers and practitioners on a  common platform where they would be able to share theories, methods and  practices related to their research with and for children. It will  involve three keynote lectures and at least 30 presentations from  researchers in different disciplines. This can benefit the new  researchers in this area, the practitioners and also new postgraduate  researchers who wish to pursue research in this field. This conference   welcome proposals for papers from scholars across the world.

The keynote speakers are Professor Catharine Ward Thompson, professor of  landscape architecture at the University of Edinburgh and director of  OPENspace, the research centre for inclusive access to outdoor  environments; Professor Robin Moore, a pioneer in the field of  children’s play and learning environments, from North Carolina State  University, the USA. Dr Simon Bell and Ms Helen Woolley will contribute  to panel discussion that will be moderated by Prof Catharine Ward  Thompson.

We received a high number of abstracts from different parts of the  world and all of the abstracts were double-blinded peer reviewed. We  accepted 36 abstracts (out of 75) for oral presentation and 14 for  poster presentations. 75 participants confirmed their participation for  the conference. Though we received requests for extending the deadline,  we are willing to have a small multidisciplinary community to encourage  more interaction and networking. 

Conference website: https://researchwithandforchildren.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @rwfchildren

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/researchwithandforchildren/