Join us for Open Talk Series:

"Commodifying Urban Space - The Clash of Promises and Everyday Life".

By Bilge Serin

Cities have been experiencing neoliberal urbanisation processes since the 1970s globally and with a greater pace since the early 2000s. As part of these, housing enclaves –segregated and under-controlled living areas- have been expanding with different versions across the countries. Via this practice, the commodification of urban space has been deepening while also transforming the everyday life of the citizens. The talk focuses on the case of branded housing projects in Istanbul, Turkey as a particular version of housing enclaves and discusses their recent emergence in this locality regarding the projects’ development processes, discursive formation and spatial practices. 

Bilge Serin is an urban designer with a diverse background, including urban development, urban planning and design, urban politics and architecture. Recently, Bilge recently completed her PhD in Urban Studies at the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society at Heriot-Watt University. She is currently working on the contemporary commodification urban space under neoliberal urbanisation, everyday life in controlled living environments (e.g. housing enclaves), representations of space in mass media and temporary migrant settlements.

On Wed. 3rd May at 12:15, Room WA2.09 (William Arrow Building, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)